Education Is A Vital Sign

A movement to bring the highest level of prestige and honor to the teaching profession.

Our Mission:

Education Is A Vital Sign is an emerging think tank of educators, policy makers, economists, community organizers, and teacher union representatives dedicated to the review and creation of viable policy improving teacher preparation, compensation and effectiveness.

Our Vision:

  • EVS will actively examine and assess existing policy, as well as research, formulate and evaluate innovative practices in teacher training and remuneration.

  • Teachers will be trained using a rigorous residency model where prospective teachers must show evidence that their classroom produces equitable and extraordinary results.

  • Public schools will demonstrate high levels of teacher retention, satisfaction and productivity which create schools that are graduating well prepared students to have full access to colleges and careers of their dreams.

  • Communities are engaged in a process of understanding and evaluating the effectiveness of teaching. They are clear what outstanding teaching looks like AND what conditions excellent teachers need in order to maintain successful outcomes.

  • The economy reflects the dramatic DECREASE of drop outs, pathways to prison and lack of prepared workers and thrives on the steady increase of entrepreneurs, professionals and contributors to our nation's workforce and democratic process.

Founded by Maureen Benson, Education Is A Vital Sign has been building a coalition to launch an Oakland based initiative in 2020.